Conducting a Tender

Conducting a Tender

Most insurance companies sell similar insurance products, but this does not mean that they are all the same. Therefore, it is not easy for companies that want to insure their assets to understand the intricacies of programs without in-depth market expertise and experience in this segment.


How to get to the bottom and make an informed decision?


At the stage of a tender among insurance companies, our company's analysts will assist in the following steps with quality and professionalism:


•   draft a request for insurance;

•   conduct a tender;

•   collect and analyse quotes;

•   proofread the policy before signing and make any necessary amendments.


Having many years of experience in insurance, the experts of our Tender Department build relationships with reliable insurance partners.


The tender process includes:


•   insurance coverage analysis;

•   analysis of additional options (calculator);

•  analysis of the policy wording (minimisation of financial and legal risks);

•   analysis of financial indicators of the insurance company.


We work with trusted insurance companies. And at the tender stage, we offer those that are most suitable for a specific project considering the principles of the client's business.


Factors for choosing a partner insurance company:


1. Financial stability and market experience


We monitor the financial indicators and performance of insurance companies (the volume of premiums and claim payments, asset volumes, growth of guarantee capital and guarantee fund according to the industry ratings of insurance companies).


2. Developed branch network in Ukraine


We take into account the representation of insurance companies in all regions of Ukraine with the possibility of providing service under all lines of insurance.


3. Comfort of cooperation


Of course, you are interested in working with an insurance company that will provide excellent service. Experts of TBT Insurance Broker regularly conduct client satisfaction surveys regarding the work of insurance companies and analyse the quality of the services provided.


We also conduct claims rejections analysis, taking into account the causes and frequency of rejections.


And most importantly, according to the results of the tender, your company will receive a unique insurance program that takes into account the needs, and which adequately covers the risks, of your business.

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