Transport Insurance
CASCO Compulsory MTPL Voluntary MTPL Transport accident insurance

Transport Insurance

According to statistics, more than 100,000 traffic accidents occur in Ukraine annually. The leading causes of accidents are violation of safety rules, non-observance of distance and speeding.


Therefore, motor or vehicle fleet insurance is not only a necessity but also financial protection against unexpected risks.


Motor Insurance: Policy Features


1) CASCO (Casualty and Collision Insurance) covers costs for the restoration of the Insured's own vehicle.


The CASCO program includes potential risks to which your vehicle is exposed, guaranteeing reliable insurance coverage.


2) Compulsory MTPL (Compulsory Motor Third-Party Liability Insurance) applies to the person responsible for the accident and covers the financial costs of repairing a victim’s vehicle. It also compensates for the healthcare costs of persons injured in traffic accidents.


3) Voluntary MTPL (Voluntary Motor Third-Party Liability Insurance) may serve as an additional layer of protection, the price and terms of which are regulated by insurance companies. The driver independently determines the maximum amount for compensation, and the claim payment is made if the indemnity under Compulsory MTPL is not enough to cover the losses from the accident.


Thus, Compulsory and Voluntary MTPL deal with the issue of indemnifying the losses caused by the insured to the injured persons and their transport.

CASCO Compulsory MTPL Voluntary MTPL Transport accident insurance
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