CASCO Compulsory MTPL Voluntary MTPL Transport accident insurance


CASCO is a voluntary type of insurance that will indemnify for the losses associated with the operation of a vehicle.


The main risks that CASCO insurance covers are:


  • damage to the vehicle as a result of a traffic accident - primary;
  • theft of a vehicle;
  • damage caused by third parties;
  • natural disaster;
  • fire and explosion.


Additional coverage will be provided in case of:


  • water hammer;
  • the need to call a tow truck;
  • impact of falling objects;
  • attack by animals.


Since the state does not regulate CASCO insurance, the list of insurance risks is determined between the insurance company and the insured.


Why is it worthwhile to work with an insurance broker when insuring the company's fleet of vehicles?


The broker will:


  • search for optimal insurance coverage and adequate price;
  • check the terms and conditions of the policy for compliance with the agreed request;
  • lobby the timely payment of insurance claim;
  • save the internal resources of your company;
  • defend the interests of the client;
  • act as a personal curator regarding all accompanying matters.


The insurance broker acts on the side of the client and will help you choose the adequate program with a reliable insurance company.


A personal manager from the support department works with the insured person. In the event of a traffic accident, our experts will take care of all the issues regarding the procedure for processing an insured event and receiving a claim payment.


What does the broker's CASCO support manager do:


  • creates a file and collects primary documents;
  • assists in the preparation of documentation necessary for receiving insurance indemnity;
  • coordinates the work of the service station;
  • supervises insurance claim payments;
  • protects the interests of the insured, and also settles disputes.


To receive advice from a CASCO expert and calculate the optimal rate, you can call us or fill out the form below.

CASCO Compulsory MTPL Voluntary MTPL Transport accident insurance
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