Throughout the insurance policy period, a personal support manager is assigned to the company, which carries out:


•   comprehensive administrative medical and financial support;

•   assistance in resolving disputes;

•   analysis of current claim payments under the policy;

•   insurance consulting.


Depending on the insurance product, motor insurance experts, assistance doctors and other specialised experts, who know all the details of the policy, work with the insured and will be able to provide professional advice.


Support managers:


•  make presentations of the insurance product to the insured employees of your company throughout Ukraine;

•  help to understand the insurance program;

• advise on all issues, help draft documents necessary for receiving an indemnity, as well as prepare the required documentation;

• control the company's claim payments as a result of an insured event;

•  help resolve and anticipate critical issues.


As a result, your business receives all turnkey insurance services without expanding the company's staff.

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