Compulsory MTPL
CASCO Compulsory MTPL Voluntary MTPL Transport accident insurance

Compulsory MTPL

According to the Law of Ukraine, MTPL is a compulsory type of motor insurance. It protects the vehicle of the victim in an accident and covers the costs of the person responsible for an accident.


Compulsory MTPL insurance claim payments are made even if a building, people and other objects are damaged as a result of a traffic accident.


If it is not possible to identify the responsible person and the vehicle itself, the victim will be compensated for the loss from the Victim Protection Fund of the MTIBU (Motor Transport Insurance Bureau of Ukraine).


Compulsory MTPL insurance policy is valid throughout Ukraine. To travel abroad, a driver must purchase a Green Card policy.


What risks does Compulsory MTPL not cover?


Compulsory MTPL insurance policy will not cover the losses of the person responsible for an accident, the risk of car theft and the losses that arose as a result of force majeure events.


Who can apply for Compulsory MTPL insurance?


Both individuals and legal entities can be insured under Compulsory MTPL insurance.


How much will a Compulsory MTPL policy cost?


The cost of the policy is calculated under a basic rate of UAH 180, which is set by the state. The basic rate is multiplied by the coefficients.


Coefficients affecting the price of Compulsory MTPL insurance policy:


  • engine displacement;
  • place of vehicle registration;
  • purpose of the vehicle;
  • driver experience;
  • policy validity period (from 15 days to 1 year);
  • number of accidents;
  • subsidized categories of drivers.


The sum insured:


  • under damage to property of third parties - UAH 100,000 (per 1 victim);
  • under personal injury of third parties - UAH 200,000 (per 1 victim).


Insurance companies offer a wide selection of Compulsory MTPL policies, the features of which the insurance broker will help you to understand. Our experts will assist you in choosing an adequate insurance coverage for your company's vehicle fleet, taking into account the reliability of the insurance company, the speed of claim settlement and loss payment history. Throughout the entire policy period, your company will be assigned with an expert from the support department, who will help in preparing documents for receiving indemnity, monitor the payment of a claim by the insurance company, and also advise on all related issues.


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CASCO Compulsory MTPL Voluntary MTPL Transport accident insurance
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