Agricultural Machinery Insurance
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Agricultural Machinery Insurance

Agricultural Machinery Insurance is a comprehensive insurance product, including coverage:

  • against potential events during harvesting and other work in the field;

  • against traffic risks on public roads;

  • against property risks within the machinery seasonal storage period.


Objects of insurance:


  • small and large tractors;

  • mounted or trailed equipment (for planting or harvesting);

  • grain, potato, flax harvesters;

  • reclamation equipment;

  • equipment used in animal husbandry;

  • trailers, semi-trailers.


Key risks:


During the period of agricultural work, key risks are the destruction, breakdown or damage to machinery due to:

  • fire in the field;

  • natural disasters (storm, flood);

  • combustion of machinery;

  • maintenance errors.


In winter, agricultural machinery is kept in storage and exposed to the following risks:


  • fire;

  • natural disasters (storm, flood);

  • illegal acts by third party, theft, robbery;

  • damage due to breakdown of water, sewer, fire systems;

  • household gas explosion.


And in view of storage of all items of machinery in one place, potential losses from damage are multiplied.


On the road, special-purpose machinery will act as an equal participant in road traffic and should be insured against traffic risks such as accidents and other events inherent in ordinary vehicles.


Insurance of tractors, harvesters and other special-purpose machinery under compulsory motor third-party liability insurance: do you need insurance?


Agriculture is one of the leading sectors of the Ukrainian economy, which determines the high need for various types of agricultural machinery. 


According to the legislation of Ukraine, a tractor, harvester, or any other machinery capable of reaching speeds exceeding 20 km/h, must be insured under compulsory motor third-party liability insurance.


We offer a full range of services to cover motor vehicle risks. To get more information on the insurance of special-purpose machinery, receive a quote and find out the price of coverage for a fleet of agricultural machinery, please contact our manager or leave your request below.

Crop yield insurance Agricultural Machinery Insurance Livestock Insurance
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