Treatment of Critical Illness Abroad
Corporate Voluntary Health Insurance Medical Insurance for Trips Abroad Treatment of Critical Illness Abroad

Treatment of Critical Illness Abroad

Critical illness insurance programs

Every year, critical illnesses are diagnosed in 15 million people worldwide. However, modern technologies and innovations in foreign medicine can save a person from dangerous diseases.

Critical illness insurance, which is not covered by the VHI policy, is designed to provide the employer with a solution to the problem and maintain a positive attitude within the company. A company employee will receive professional and financial assistance in case of the need for treatment and further rehabilitation.


What do insurance programs covering critical illness treatment abroad provide to an employee:


  • Access to the best international clinics and leading treatment methods;
  • Obtaining a “second medical opinion” from world-class experts and establishing a correct diagnosis;
  • Guarantee of the right treatment plan;
  • Substantial financial support for treatment;
  • Saving time when compared to the organisation of the healthcare and diagnostic process on one's own;
  • Extensions to VHI (endorsements of insurance coverage).


One of the most effective ways to increase work engagement is to provide an employee with a tool that will protect the well-being of, not only himself, but also his entire family.


Why is it not enough to have only voluntary health insurance (VHI)?


  • VHI programs, as a rule, do not fully cover the treatment of critical illnesses (oncology, transplantation).
  • VHI programs do not operate outside Ukraine.
  • VHI insurance coverage - 10 thousand euros.


Why is it not enough to have only accident insurance?


  • Accident insurance programs do not cover critical illness treatment abroad.
  • The sum insured under an accident insurance program is 1 million hryvnias, while the sum insured under insurance programs covering treatment of critical illness abroad is 1 million U.S. dollars.


What is included in the insurance coverage?


  • Malignant neoplasm;
  • Heart valve replacement or repair;
  • Coronary artery bypass surgery;
  • Neurosurgery;
  • Organ transplantation.


The success of critical illness treatment depends on three main factors:


  • Level of healthcare;
  • Financial capabilities;
  • The psychological state of the patient. 


Therefore, critical illness insurance programs include, not only financial protection, but also the organisation of the treatment process, from selecting a specialised clinic and specialist to being accompanied by professional coordinators during the treatment.


What expenses does the program cover:


  • Support (personal curating doctor, administrative coordinator, medical translator abroad);
  • Second opinion (analysis of medical records by several of the best doctors in the world);
  • Travel and accommodation expenses;
  • Medical expenses in the clinic;
  • Medications prescribed abroad;
  • Repatriation.
Corporate Voluntary Health Insurance Medical Insurance for Trips Abroad Treatment of Critical Illness Abroad
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