Corporate Voluntary Health Insurance
Corporate Voluntary Health Insurance Medical Insurance for Trips Abroad Treatment of Critical Illness Abroad

Corporate Voluntary Health Insurance

Voluntary health insurance (VHI) for employees is a type of personal insurance, under which the employee will be reimbursed for the costs spent on restoring health. 


Employee insurance is an excellent opportunity to protect your team in case of illness.


Advantages of health insurance for a company:


  • A positive image of the employer in the eyes of the team and future employees.
  • Development of social responsibility.
  • A great way to motivate the team and addition to employee benefits.
  • Advantage of an employer in the labour market.
  • Evidence of the company’s stability.
  • Loyalty and motivation of the team. 


VHI: How Does Health Insurance Work


Employees insured under a voluntary health insurance policy in Ukraine receive, not only 24/7 access to healthcare, but also the opportunity to get high-quality medical services with maximum comfort. The insured will promptly undergo a consultation with an expert and begin the treatment. As a result, this will help a speedy recovery and minimize time spent on sick leave.


VHI allows you to get:


  • Healthcare in medical institutions of Ukraine
  • Provision with medications and services stipulated by the insurance program
  • Monetary compensation of funds individually spent on healthcare services and medications


What is included in the VHI program?


  • Outpatient care;
  • Inpatient treatment (scheduled and emergency);
  • Emergency medical services;
  • Scheduled or emergency dentistry;
  • Additional options (agreed individually).


These options are included in the basic package of services.


Additionally, you can include the following options in the insurance policy:


  • vision correction;
  • preventive examination;
  • vitaminisation;
  • prenatal care;
  • scheduled massage;
  • call of a doctor to the office;
  • corporate psychologist.


When drawing up an employees’ insurance policy, there are many nuances that an insurance broker will help to understand. Every year we hold hundreds of corporate VHI tenders for large companies. We help to design and choose a program at the best price, taking into account the needs of the client’s company. 


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Corporate Voluntary Health Insurance Medical Insurance for Trips Abroad Treatment of Critical Illness Abroad
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